Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Sunny Weekend in London

Amazing weekend. Friday night was spent with my housemates and some new friends I just met. Saturday I managed to get out of bed and venture to Portobello Market. It was a little like Niagara Falls. You go just because it's a major tourist destination, and when you get there, you're too busy trying to walk through hordes of tourist who inevitably always walk too slow that you forget to admire the surroundings. The only difference is that instead of thundering waterfalls, you're surrounded by antique spoons and old postcards. Honestly, I wasn't a fan and won't be going back.

Afterwards I hopped onto the tube and met up with some friends for a picnic in Regents Park. Like all the other Londoners, I was basking in the sun trying to soak up as much of it while I could.

Today I went to Columbia Rd Flower Market. Like a total idiot, I left my A-Z London Street Map at my flat, so I ended up getting myself and my flatmate Rob completely lost before showing up an hour late to meet my friends. Good news is that we brought home a massive arrangement of lilies!

Tonight my friend Helen had tickets to go see an outdoor screening of "The Soloist" at the Somerset House. Amazing. We went to our friend, Tobi's place for dinner and did our traditional sunday night family dinner (I cooked this time) and then myself, Helen and Tobi headed down to the Somerset for a movie under the stars. The event was put on by a company called First Direct, all proceeds went towards a charity. As someone who's dong a little event planning, I have to say that this one was pretty amazing. The goodie bags were full of treats, and the best part was that everyone was given a blanket to sit on.

I wish I could say that I really enjoyed the film, but Jamie Fox pretending the play the cello was more than a little cringe-worthy. I won't even get into the opening scene of him playing the violin...

Unfortunately I wasn't able to use flash to capture what it was like at the Somerset House, but trust me, it was beyond cool. The perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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