Sunday, 14 March 2010

Eating my way through East London

Joined Elke and Jess this afternoon on an unusually bright and sunny London afternoon for a tour of East London.

Similar to Elke, my heart and mind tend to be dictated more often than not by my stomach, which explains why I ate a hideous amount of food while touring around Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane.

First I waited not very patiently in line in the Japanese stall for vegetarian okonomiyaki - it was a mixture of veggies, cheese and topped with a kind of sweet teriyaki-style sauce. It cooked fresh in front of me, and the smell was heavenly. The actual meal left a lot to be desired though - cheese in Japanese cooking is just wrong... especially when topped with mayo and bonito flakes.

A luke warm can of Japanese green tea (unsweetened) washed down most of it, but I still wasn't satisfied.

Next up was the legendary Beigals deli on Brick Lane. Line ups are a given at this established bakery, which from the outside looks run down and a bit tired, but the crowds of hungry customers give away just how good it is. Elke and I both opted for salt beef on bagels - generous slices of tender salt beef, fresh bagels and a slab of hot mustard, it was heaven in my mouth. We devoured those standing outside on the busy street and then set off again to another market.

(above photos courtesy of London Eater one of my new favourite blogs)

In one of the many warehouses was another stall aptly named "Lip Lickers", which was selling fresh doughnuts covered in sugar. I was full but couldn't resist the sweet smell of fried dough and sugar... so I bought five of them.. yes five. Fresh from the fryer and dusted in sugar, the first doughnut crumbled in my mouth and my lips and fingers were soon covered in sugar.

I could only eat two before my stomach was telling my brain that I had had enough...

Passed by a stand selling fresh takoyaki - can you tell that I love Japanese street food, or just all street food for that matter.. but I resisted... I'll have to save it for my next trip to East London.

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