Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How to prepare for a visit from ma Mere

My mother will land at London Heathrow tomorrow morning.

I'm at work at the moment, but my mind is racing with the massive to-do list..

1. Set up the spare bed

By "bed" that actually means the random spare twin mattress that came with my flat and which I somehow have to figure out where to place in my already crowded room

2. Clear away random items

This means shoving abovementioned items in desk drawers, behind closed doors, underneath the bed...

3. Fill kitchen with food

By "food" that actually means filling the kitchen with healthy salad-type nourishment to give the appearance that I (a) never buy crisps and (b) am consistently on a diet

...the same goes with hiding all the booze (and by hiding, I may mean drinking it tonight)


  1. "crisps"'re so british already.

  2. Jo - Thanks, it's going well so far, although I'm happy she's moved into the hotel. Have a little more room to myself now!

    Jannah - You'll soon be adopting the British lexicon yourself my dear! Give me a shout closer to your arrival date, we'll set up drinks