Friday, 24 September 2010

so long, and thanks for all the fish

wow. It's been an eye-opening few weeks.

I handed in my resignation notice at my current agency two months ago. Yes, that's 2 whole months, 8 flipping weeks, 60 odd days...ridiculous but it was in my contract. I had accepted an offer from a digital PR agency located outside of London. It had a good reputation and a great client list - best of all they were willing to wait two months for me to start.

The first 6 weeks were a waiting game. Continuing on with client work, starting projects that I knew I wouldn't be there to see to the end and going about work as normal.

Then the bomb dropped one Friday afternoon, two weeks before my final day at my current company. My recruiter called to inform me that the digital agency had encountered some 'financial difficulties' and would no longer be able to employ me.

My mind was a bit blank, but there was one realisation that slowly came forward - I was going to be umemployed in two weeks.

Long story short, I hauled ass and reached out to practically every PR contact I had in London. I also badgered my recruiter, who pulled through and got me an interview at a property PR firm.

I now work there.

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  1. and how good things happen to those who deserve them!


    good luck for your royal parks half marathon! think of me tottering around in heels at my friends wedding.