Saturday, 18 December 2010

and so it begins...

oh the weather outside is frightful, and my bed is so delightful (and warm!) and since we've got no place to go....

actually no, screw that I have a million things to do and I seriously need to get out of this bed.

One week til Christmas. I can't believe it's crept up on us so fast.

And as for gifts? I've gotten a zillion things for my two adorable nieces and nothing for the rest of the family. Sorry family.

And London Marathon training? I've only missed a few of my runs... and by a few, I mean half. Thankfully I'm ahead of my 16 week schedule, but that doesn't mean that I should slack off.

On some more positive news, I am now 1% closer to my target goal of raising 1,600 GBP for the London Marathon - go me!

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