Friday, 24 July 2009

I've been lazy

Alright people, I'm really sorry for not updating for a really really long time! I wish I could say that I've been out exploring London and working hard, but really I've just been lazy. Plus my internet in my flat isn't working right now (long story, not getting into it because it'll just make me angry for the rest of the day), so right now I'm writing this whilst at work. (and of course multi-tasking with all the other things I have going on... I'm just THAT efficient...)

So, the other day, one of my managers was talking about an event she had attended the evening before where the Mayor of London, Boris something or another had made a speech regarding how great London was, and he said that while our North American counterparts do speak English, it is only in London that proper English can be heard.

Which got me thinking about all of the terms and accents I've heard over the past 5 weeks. I'm not struggling as much to understand my co-workers, although I wish I could say that they've ceased to poke fun at my 'accent'. I've now learned that a 'quid' is essentially a 'buck', and that I am a size 4 in shoes (learned when I tried on a pair of size 7 shoes ). Southwark isn't pronounced south-WARK, but actually South-ARK. Same with Vauxhall being Vox-HALL...and not Vo-all (damn the french in me).

To make things more complicated, I've started to play ultimate frisbee... now those of you who know my athletic skills, you know that I have none. With brothers who spent more time playing dungeons and dragons growing up, I sadly never quite learned how to throw a ball, or more importantly, how to throw a frisbee. So you can imagine my terror when on the pitch, I hear the instructions called out - Ok alex, you're handling, rosie is first cut, you're second cut and Irene you stack.

Although I confidently nod as if I know what he's talking about, my mind is screaming at me "wtf is stack!?!? these stupid brits and their stupid terms and stupid ultimate frisbee, I don't even LIKE frisbee"

The game went downhill from there.

I won't get into how I pathetically struggled along the pitch and let in not one, but two goals... however, because I am such a masochist, I continued to play more games... and such as my knowledge of regular british terminology, my understanding of ultimate has also grown.

I can also kind of, sort of, throw a frisbee now too.

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  1. You should go learn how to play quidditch as well :p
    PS: We didn't play THAT much D&D... we progressed to Final Fantasy videogames!