Monday, 27 July 2009

No you're eyes aren't deceiving you, it really is a guy playing violin on top of a massive column. I went to Trafalgar Square with my flatmate because one of his friends was performing on the plinth in the square. Mind you, when I had agreed to go, I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about thanks to his thick midlands accent, but assumed that it was some sort of street performance.
Actually I was totally wrong. Think of any kind of performer, random bloke, protester, musician, you get the picture... getting one hour on top of this massive column to do whatever he or she likes. That's the idea behind this project titled 'One and Another' where for 100 days straight, for 24 hours, one person will be on top of this plinth, doing whatever they want.
When I got there, it was the violinist playing something, however he was being drowned out by the saturday afternoon crowd of tourists, screaming children and a random evangelical christian church service going on outdoors...(during a painful rendition of some woman warbling 'amazing grace' I put my headphones back on and turned up my ipod until it ended).
My flatmate's friend was this guy named Elliot who decided to organize the crowd of spectators into a series of "E-lympic" games, such as paper airplane javelin and egg toss. Probably the most memorable was trying to bounce a volleyball around the crowd without letting it touch the ground, although the sight of 50+ strangers doing a slow motion run across Trafalgar Square is a close second...
...really, it was just another day in the London-town.

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