Saturday, 27 February 2010

Adventures of a single girl in the dark - literally

So I came home yesterday to find that the lights had gone out in my apartment. My flatmate was rushing off to the airport, so I told her that I'd take care of it.

Unfortunately I had the very important and pressing matter of a catwalk and designer sample sales at London Fashion Weekend to attend, which turned into dinner, which turned into a slight crazy office party (more on that later), which turned into me going home in a cab at 3 am with a stolen bottle of rum in my bag.

Woke up this morning and flicked on the lights, but of course nothing happened.

But no problem because I am a single and independent woman. I'm flipping 28 now! I can figure this out. So I investigate the closet where the fuse box is, thinking I can handle this, you just have to make sure the little switch things are in the same direction right?

It doesn't take a genius to figure that out.

Unfortunately it does take someone taller than 5'1 to not only reach the fuse box, but actually be able to see it to discern whether the switches are in the same direction.

So this strong independent female woman has put out a distress call to her tall Viking friend who, once he finishes his breaky, is going to come over with a flashlight and hopefully fix this for me...

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