Wednesday, 3 February 2010

britten was on crack

went to my first orchestra rehearsal tonight - go me! My parents would be proud that I'm carrying on the tradition of being a good chinese girl and playing violin, although I think they'd be less than thrilled to know that I went out for a pint afterwards.

Currently the orchestra is playing an interesting repertoire consisting of:

i) some old school Verdi

ii) melancholic, brooding Shostakovic

ii) a really, and I mean REALLY fucked up cello concerto by Britten, I mean at one point we actually hit the strings with our bow... it's like some random Philip Glass piece where you half expect a cat to start meowing and someone to break into a strange undulating interpretive dance right in the middle

I'll try to find a recording of this, am anxious to hear what the solo part actually sounds like (and if the cellist does have to bust a dance move at all..)

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