Thursday, 1 April 2010

Happy Easter - as the thunder rumbles

it's the Thursday before the easter long weekend... and typical of this country, the sky has turned from an ominous grey, to outright downpour, lightning and thunder.

It's the kind of weather where one wishes they were cosily tucked under a duvet with nowhere to go, except I'm in the office and have dinner plans tonight. Not to mention I need to pack for my upcoming trips.

Copenhagen this weekend - land of very tall Danes, a little mermaid and Hans Christian Anderson. It's also a very brisky 3 degrees there at the moment, so I'll be taking my winter clothes out of storage.

thankfully I'm heading to the sunny (and hopefully not rainy) Barcelona right afterwards, where I'll soak up the sun, sangria and sumptuous tapas (like the alliteration there?) while gossiping in french/english with my wonderful cousin, Kim.

I promise photos and updates when I get back!!!

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