Friday, 16 April 2010

the sky is falling

Call me chicken little, but sometimes I just like to think the worse of every situation.

It's a kind of insurance really. If I think something is going to turn out bad and it does, well then I'm not in for some nasty surprise.

Classic example is the first date. I never expect anything from the guy, heck I build him up in my mind to be such a freak that it's no wonder the poor lad never calls me back. Conversations typically go something like:

"So why did your last relationship go wrong..."

"Any annoying habits I need to know about..."

"Really, you're saying you've NEVER cheated on a girlfriend?"

Anyway, just when I think things are starting to go my way, BAM volcanic ash starts to drift over from Iceland and disrupt the airspace over the entirety of the UK and Northern Europe, causing havoc in airports, cancelled flights and a stressed out Irene. See, I'm supposed to fly out to Vancouver on Wednesday morning. And if this were for just a regular visit back home, I wouldn't be so upset. But my brother is getting married and I'd really like to be there to witness that. It's kind of a big deal. Not to mention he's adjusted the open bar figures to accommodate my "irresponsible drinking habits" (his words, not mine)

So yes, if I seem to be spouting off negative vibes and moaning about missing the open bar and the wedding, don't bother telling me to think positive. I can't, it'll just jinx me.

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  1. We need u to make the "open bar" option worth it. And to meet the minimum spend!