Monday, 28 June 2010

A photo essay of the last few weeks of my life

Yes, I know... I royally suck when it comes to updating. Life has been wonderfully and unexpectedly busy the last few weeks. I've spent time with old friends, rekindled new friendships, worked hard, played hard, relaxed in the sun, ate too much food and generally have been enjoying my summer.

Here are a few photos of the last few weeks....

Reunited with the best Quad-mates from Baillie House for Caroline's wedding!

Made a new friend, in the form of Tobi, the daschaund who adored me for the first weekend, then promptly dumped me for a chew toy.... hmmpphh.. boys.

Then I broke a few plates to celebrate Fraulein and B-man's coming marriage - now there's nothing more cathartic then just smashing a box of ceramic plates one by one onto the pavement - I highly recommend it

Fast forward to the day of the wedding the next week...

I managed to redeem myself by drinking an entire stein of beer by myself. Living in London has built up my tolerance whilst simultaneously deteriorating my liver. But yes, for prides' sake, I finished the entire thing, liver be damned.

I took it upon myself to photograph Caroline getting ready for the wedding, these two shots are my favourites...

Following the whirlwind two weeks that was Fraulein and Bman's wedding...

...I ran another half marathon in St. Albans. Note to self, rolling hills of the English countryside are lovely only when you aren't running up them.

Then there was my orchestra concert - where my lovely friends showed up hammered and ate food off the ground... (don't ask)

And finally, I celebrated being Canadian - because who doesn't love us eh?

More to come...

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