Monday, 14 June 2010

why I'm not allowed to build Ikea furniture alone

Apologies for the really long delay in posting - it's been an insane three or so weeks of traveling, weddings, work...

But I just had to share this... proof of my 'shit that was stupid' moments - because believe you me, I have lotsa them.

Now I was actually quite proud of the fact that I built this bookshelf entirely on my own (aside from a little Skype advice). It wasn't until I put the entire thing upright and went to place books on the shelves that realization of my error dawned on me

...which was followed quickly by a few expletives and referring back to the manual, where I discovered that I would need to go back to step 2 to fix the error.

And at that point, I figured the bookshelf serves its purpose and I shrugged it off.

Now, time to tackle my new Ikea table.

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  1. Greatest. Night. Ever. I look forward to more emails as you attempt to put together...anything.