Monday, 7 March 2011

No fermented shark for me please

This weekend I'm heading to Reykjavik, Iceland. And yes, I did just google Reykjavik to make sure I spelled it correctly.

Unlike some of my previous weekend trips, this one promises to be jam-packed full of activities.

I fly in Thursday night, then Friday morning, us five girls are heading over to the Blue Lagoon. Incidentally this isn't a remake of the famous Brooke Shields movie, but rather a natural hot spring/spa, which will be a welcome break after a long and stressful week at work.

Friday evening we have a Northern Lights tour booked. I'm already mentally planning how many layers I'm going to wear, because despite having spent most of my life in Canada, anything below 0 degrees is unbearably cold to me.

Saturday morning, Jess and I are getting picked up in the morning and whisked on a 'Golden Circle' tour of Iceland which involves...wait for it... one exhilarating hour of snowmobiling across the Langjökull glacier.

(cue jokes about Asian female drivers)

Saturday night will be spent enjoying the famous nightlife of Reykjavik and sampling the famous cuisine of Iceland.

Sunday I will be planning on going for a run as part of my marathon training. Still not 100% sure if that'll happen though. Then it's a hop skip and a jump back to London town for another few days at the office.

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