Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Tale of Unemployment

Yup it's official, I'm unemployed. No job, no paycheque, no desk job....

It was my own decision. With only 2 months left to legally work in the UK, I decided to be incredibly irresponsible and quit my job early in order to fit in more traveling before heading back to Canada.

So here I am, living the lap of luxury, except I'm not. See that's the thing about being unemployed - money doesn't grow on trees and unfortunately I don't have a sugar daddy to keep in my creature comforts.

I swing between getting excited and booking trips to freaking out about this self-imposed career break at 29 and think about just booking the next flight back home.

I wish my 40-something year old self would tell me to just relax and enjoy this time off that I have. Because in a few years, heck in a few months, I'm sure that I'll be stuck behind a desk at a job that I love with my standard 10-days (shudder) holiday....

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