Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Why Mothers are the most efficient people. Ever.

I've been putting off booking my flight back home for weeks now.

I think my mom got a bit fed up asking me when I was leaving because last night on Skype she asked me what date i was planning on going.

"umm... July 24th, no, the 21st. Hold on, maybe sometime the week of July 20th. No wait, actually no, definitely July 24th"

Less than 10 minutes after ending our Skype call, I received an email from Air Canada informing me that my ticket from London Heathrow to Toronto Pearson had been booked for July 24th.

My mother does not waffle about. She does not procrastinate. She acts. That's just one of the many things I love about her. Also, she has a lot of air mile points to transfer --> * Bonus *


  1. AHAHHAHa love it
    It just means she can´t wait to have you back
    My next big trip (not counting the ones this year), after I move back to AUS will be a visit to Canada =)

  2. I"m holding you to that Tracey!!! and the next big trip I have will be to Oz to visit you guys :)