Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Yes, asian girls can drive

In your face Young Drivers of Canada - you may have failed me three times before granting me a license, but it's true - asian girls CAN drive.

...well snowmobiles at any rate...

Here's something I wasn't expecting about snowmobiling across a glacier

1. Even if you show up dressed in layers + snowboarding pants/jacket apparently it isn't warm enough. No, you need to don a full body suit, which unfortunately for me, didn't come in irene-sizes.

Basically I looked like the shorter, Asian version of the Michelin Man.

2. Snowmobiles are not made for people with small hands. I may have "the perfect hands for violin" as my violin teacher had proclaimed so many times, but they ain't built for handling a snowmobile

3. Snowmobiles are not made for sharp turns. If you try to make a sharp turn, you may find yourself heading straight into your tour guide instead.

4. If you want to go fast on a snowmobile, make sure you're at the back of the line of other snowmobiles, then sneakily slow down and get a good distance behind before speeding up. Try to avoid bumps.

At the end, happy that I had survived a white-knuckle, slightly terrifying experience snowmobiling, there was only one thing left to do....

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