Monday, 24 May 2010

combat baby!!!

Just came back from an amazing show by one of my favourite bands - Metric.

I went armed and ready with my 3-inch heels that are actually comfy and closed toe to protect my poor feet from possible mosh-pit enthusiasts.

Jess was in flip flops.

At any rate we inadvertently pushed our way up to the front, and were about 4 or 5 people away from centre stage.

It's rare that I'll go to a concert where I know literally every single song and can sing along, albeit slightly off key. When 'Gold Gun Girls' came on, I flipped out, when 'Gimme Sympathy' was playing, I belted out the chorus... same with 'Help I'm alive'... but it was this last song, the encore set that really blew me away. It was the acoustic version of 'Combat Baby', probably the first song that drew me to Metric a few years ago.

Did a little search on trusty YouTube and found this video - amazing quality and really just captures how in synch Emily is with James Shaw, that they've finally gotten to a place where they can play an entirely different version of a fan favourite and the crowd just goes wild. I know I did.

.....strange, just looked at the published post and part of the video is cut off, check it out in full here:

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