Sunday, 25 July 2010

losing my festival virginity

Ben & Jerry's Sundae Festival was gentle.

There was barely a line up to get in. Not the hordes of crowds I had been expecting. Inside there were food tents, ice cream tents, a kids play area, a toe-war play area (don't ask), guys running around in boxer briefs with "Hugs are free" written on their lovely 8-pack abs, a host of prams and crawling babies, sunbathing people, a live band, enthusiastic air guitar performers and ice cream.

Oh, the ice cream. It was hard decided which flavours to tackle first. Like a pro though, I ate the ice cream and discarded the cone.

"It takes up too much room" I declared to Suey.

Still, I was only able to manage three cones and an ice cream sandwich.

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