Saturday, 17 July 2010


My closest guy friends are obsessed with the hit sitcom, 'How I Met Your Mother'. They regularly reference and quote specific episodes, they have 'Suit Up' sundays and generally use Barney as a shining example of how to pick up women. (I have yet to see it work)

Steak Sauce is one of their favourites. Calling one thing/person/situation/etc 'steaksauce' means that it is beyond awesome. It is more than legend - wait for it - ary.

So it's only fitting that dinner on Friday was deemed a 'steaksauce', as we were all treated to an amazing steak dinner at Le Relais de Venise by Jess' parents who were in town for the weekend.

Vegetarians would hate this restaurant as there's no choice. You sit down (after queuing up outside)and the waitress asks you how you like your steak. Other than the wine list and dessert, there's no other scope for choice. They bring you a salad with slices of fresh baguette. Then you get your first serving of steak frites, followed by a "refill" of more steak frites. And finally you choose your dessert and after polishing off your last profiterole (and in my case, licking off every last bit of chocolate sauce from the plate), the bill is paid and you stagger outside completely satiated, to pure looks of hatred and envy from those still waiting outside to get in.

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