Monday, 26 July 2010

my flattie and I are culinary geniuses

When I was back in Guyana, I met the lovely Talia who wowed us with her own culinary genius by preparing edible meals from the horrible food supply we were given during our backpacking trips. She was able to throw together multi-course meals from tins of spam, a bag of rice, soy sauce and a wok. It was like watching MacGyver in the kitchen.

On Friday Suey and I discovered that our stove was broken.

As we are not only both keen chefs, but also the owner of two, yes TWO cookbooks, this was nothing short of a tragedy.

But we are culinary geniuses and were able to improvise two incredibly delicious meals using only our cunning talents and a working oven. And lots of pesto. Pesto, it seems, is the magic ingredient.

Saturday morning brunch was spiced potato wedges and a baked frittata with pesto, aged chedder and fresh basil leaves.

Tonight was baked chicken breasts with pesto, garlic and cherry tomatoes.

The great Talia would be proud :)

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