Monday, 21 September 2009

Big News

Ok, maybe not so big because I've pretty well sent a mass email to everyone who reads this blog, BUT I got hired on full time by my company!!

Since I'm essentially replacing a girl who's leaving, and they can't double pay us, I have 2 weeks to kill before starting work there... (they generously offered to let me stay as an unpaid intern for 2 more weeks, but I decided after much thinking to decline that offer)

Plans... I'm off to Amsterdam with a group of friends and friends of friends who I've never met for 3 days... then I'm back in London for a day to rest, do laundry, charge my camera before heading off to ITALY!!!

I'm a little nervous going travelling on my own, but I figure I'll meet people during my travels. Can't wait.

I've decided against buying a guide book. I figure I'll print out some information, and then supplement it with whatever I can find from the city's local tourist office. To be honest, whenever I've travelled I never use the guide book that much and it just ends up being a really heavy thing that I have to lug around all day.

I've also bought a moleskine journal... yes, I know it's cliche, but I want to be able to remember exactly how I felt the first time I walked into an Italian restaurant, sipped my first glass of wine in Italy, tasted my first homemade pasta in Italy, spoke Italian, made friends, met new people...

I'll also try and blog while I'm there, but am not sure what my internet availability will be like.

In other news, I put up some artwork and photos up in my room in efforts to make it more home-like. I figure since I'm here for the long run, it's time to make my room less like a place to just sleep and more of a home. Eventually I'll get to the rest of the apartment...

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  1. Congratulations on the job offer! Yay! It sounds like you have an exciting 2 weeks ahead of you. Have tons of fun and take lots of pictures. Safe travels! :)