Monday, 28 September 2009

the typical London dinner

I worked late tonight, then rushed to Carnaby Street for quick drink, then rushed to pick up my watch from a friend's apartment that I had left there... finally got on the tube well past 8 pm and was well starving.

Steps to enjoying a typical London dinner at home

i) Drop by your local Tesco

ii) Head straight for the refrigerated aisle.. it'll be the one with all the people in work clothes still, ignore the fresh food section, you're too hungry and not ambitious enough to actually cook tonight

iii) Select your Entree

iv) Go home and carefully take off the wrapping (very important: save the actual packaging so that, if needed, you can consult the instructions on there

v) Heat in microwave to desired temperature (i.e. if it's still lukewarm but you're starving, then go ahead and eat it)


Tomorrow night... definitely will be cooking.

mm... tesco brand chicken korma... yummy

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  1. Hey mean Sainsbury chicken korma right? lol I love that store.