Sunday, 18 October 2009

Great Balls of Fire!!!

There I was, standing in a crowd of people in a room, looking at a canon and eagerly awaiting with bated breath for the gallery worker to load it up with a ball of red wax and shoot it into the opposite room.

This is how I spent my Saturday afternoon... at the Royal Academy of Arts with my friend D. checking out the new Anish Kapoor exhibit.

I honestly didn't understand any of the art I was looking at, nor was I particularly moved by any of it. The general feeling was of total confusion, as well as a mad desire to touch some of waxy residue left behind by the great square of red wax that moved back and forth between galleries.

I wish I had one of my artsy art history friends who could enlighten me as to how these installations may relate to the decay of human kind or something like that.

Outside was a giant installation of towering silvery bulbs that reminded me of.....Christmas. Yes, instead of being filled with inspiring beauty or an aching for the loss of society's compassion, I was moved with the image of mistletoe and twinkling lights.

Tomorrow I start at my company as an official employee, no longer just an intern. I can't wait to start. Honestly, I'd much rather be stressed out over a work project than trying to wrap my head around giant globs of red wax.

Besides, it doesn't leave a stain on my clothes.


  1. How did your 1st day as an employee go? :)

  2. amazing...once I got past the 800+ emails in my inbox. X is looking so cute and big! I can't wait to see him when I'm back in Dec. We'll have to book a date with his godparents and me :)