Thursday, 29 October 2009

why do I even bother dating? part two

I was cleaning my room tonight and came across my...wait for it....score card from a speed dating event I'd gone to a few months ago.

Before you start to judge me (which I'm sure you already have) please let's rewind this a little bit.

I had just made the move to London not long ago and when my coworker asked me if I was interested in going, I figured that:

a) It would be entertaining
b) What else was I going to do on a Tuesday night
c) How bad could it be

In the end, yes it was entertaining, after copious amounts of white wine, and yes, there wasn't much else I could do on a Tuesday night, but I underestimated how bad it really was going to be

My scorecard really gets less legible as the night went on, but let's give you a little overview on a few of the gentlemen who graced my presence that night. (note: this is actually a copy of what i wrote down that night...)

1. James - Asian, soft spoken

2. Michael - likes to travel, spiritual, creepy

(he actually told my friend that she had amazing eyes, and that he hadn't had sex in over a year, and she might be the one he finally makes love to...he just asked me if I was spiritual and whether I believed in a higher being)

3. Andy - cross eyed

(totally threw me off, I didn't know which eye to look at)

4. Mike - potentially gay

5. Kel - asked me if I had been fired from my job

6. Maxim - definitely gay

7. Gee - Yugoslavian guy, gay?

8. Malden - short IT guy going bald

How did the night end, you may wonder, after this particularly spectacular showing of the male sex?

Let's just say I embraced my bottle of white wholeheartedly to get myself through the two hours of an endless 4 minute rotations of hell - so much so that I had quite the rough night and morning after.

Still, I can't seem to throw out this scorecard - call me sentimental, but I do hope that somewhere and sometime these men find their perfect match. And at some point, in sometime, I'll find someone who isn't potentially gay, cross-eyed or deemed creepy after the first minute of conversation.

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