Saturday, 24 October 2009

Seven minutes in (hamburger) heaven

My weekend dinner plans never go as planned. I was planning on making a massive pot of chili tonight and freezing portions for those lazy mid-week nights.

Then I got the text message that my friends were making homemade hamburgers. So plans for chili went out the window and I was out the door to take a bus down to hamburger heaven.

Nothing beats making your own burger patties. Skip the frozen and pre-made ones, that is unless you prefer eating a thin sliver of grey mystery meat. No, making your own patties is super easy - even I can do it. All you really need is some good quality ground beef, and then play around with whatever you have in your cupboards. I typically like to add minced onion, whatever spices are in my cupboard, an egg and breadcrumbs. Tonight I learned a new trick of adding grated parmesan to keep it moist and add a kick of flavour (Thanks E.!)

Hamburger heaven was ready at around nine, and the six of us sat down to utter bliss. There's nothing like piling your burger with crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, sweetly carmalised onions, an assortment of condiments, then the first bite, juices dribbling down your chin and onto your plate as you try to keep your delicious creation from falling apart.

L. commented that hamburgers shouldn't be eaten on a first date, but I happen to disagree. There's nothing sexier than seeing someone truly enjoy their food...and it's always good to know that they're willing to get themselves a little dirty....

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  1. sounds tasty and nice shot of the food Irene. You should snap piccy's of food professionally. Hungry just looking at the tasty burgers. One question, where's the ketchup? Tip: add Moroccan seasoning to the meat = yum.