Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Canadian loving the American Life

I woke up this morning with no voice - guess the Dutch Christmas party last night took a bit out of me.

So i spent the morning curled up in my duvet listening to the latest episode of This American Life. I think we're so busy in our lives these days, and have so much going on at once that entertainment ends up getting totally inflated to hold our attention. We have massive 3D movies in huge amphitheatres, huge singing competitions with interactive and cult-like followings, it's no wonder we have such short attention spans.

Having recently discovered This American Life, I forgot how nice it is just to sit and listen to someone talk. No television screen, no projectors and fancy special effects, just a voice telling you a good story.

i download new episodes and listen to it on my way into work. People probably wonder why I start laughing to myself, then again it being London, they probably just assume that I'm crazy.

Go and download the newest episode of This American Life. Curl up in bed or on a comfy couch and just sit and listen. It's like story time in grade school but so much more fun, and without the prickly 'magic carpet' to sit on.

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