Tuesday, 1 December 2009

reason #2396 why I need to move

The shower has been leaking for months now, actually it's never quite shut off since I moved in 6 months ago, but I never bothered to ask the landlord to fix it because:

a. He wouldn't
b. It was just a slight drip so not worth emailing him just to be ignored in the end

Fast forward 6 months and my shower is now like a mini niagara falls. For some reason, no matter which way you turn the tap and no matter how much you fiddle with it, the water just doesn't stop.

Not only is this horrible for the environment, but it also happens to be the hot water tap that leaks, so we're paying through the roof in heating.

Add that onto the fact that the bathroom light is still busted and you wonder why i showered at the gym this morning like a homeless person...

I REALLY need to move.

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