Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year... New You

So it's official - this is definitely the most depressing New Year's Eve late afternoon/early evening ever.

I'm in the office, all alone, it's about 4:30 pm and all of the three colleagues who turned up today have left to start their festivities. Since I've been on vacation for the last 10 days, and still left early yesterday, I'm staying til the end to man the silent phones for another hour.

Anyway, all is not lost - I have the trusty internet to keep me entertained for a whole 60 minutes before I attempt to lock up the office and set the alarm.

Since my brother and his lovely fiance are finally getting married this April - I've been searching for the perfect bridesmaid dress... which of course let me to NY Mag's shop-o-matic website, which then led me to what I call Irene's holy grail of wedding dresses.

Just like people believe in love at first sight with their partners, I feel this way about this dress...

You see, I'm not going to lie to you and say that I'm not interested in having a massive wedding with the whole nine yards. I WANT the massive wedding and the cake and flowers and live band, and yes, I'm probably going to be a total bridezilla. But if I ever do meet the right guy and have the money to spend on this dress, you can betcha I'll be running over to stateside to buy this.... (I've only been hankering over it for the last year and a half when it premiered in the Fall 2008 collection)

I love the detailing of the antique crystal broach and the oragami, japanese-influenced style of the bodice...

...but then the silouhette is simple and flattering on the figure at the same time... no poufy gowns, just elegant lines with a drop waist that elongates the torso.

anyway, tonight's festivities include the last meal of 2009 with a group of swedes and then a house party with strangers and friends and lots of bubbly!

thanks to my jet lag, I'll be wide awake well after midnight

Happy New Year kids - looking forward to seeing what adventures and surprises 2010 brings...

xoxo irene

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  1. Beautiful dress! :)
    Have a happy new year Irene! Miss you already. All the best for 2010. [...hugs...]