Saturday, 2 January 2010

losing my borough market virginity

Today I lost my borough market virginity... it took me only 7 months to venture over to one of the oldest food markets in London. To be fair, I've walked through the market many a time - it's just been closed.

Kind of like your first time having sex, losing my borough market virginity was all build up and anticipation, then slight disappointment at the end, followed by determination to make the next time better.

It really wasn't the market's fault. The market was perfect and wonderful; fulfilling everything anyone had ever told me about it. Rather it was my own fault... you see, I've been battling a horrible cold and once again have lost my voice due to the following factors:

a) my drafty flat stays at a balmy 14 degrees at night even with the heating set to 25+

b) I haven't slept more than 4/5 hours each night since getting back

c) I think that drinking mulled wine is a good way to battle the germs in my body

d) I spent most of NYE shouting to people over loud booming music (and drinking lots of wine that wasn't mulled)

Due to my poor health and general lack of sleep, I was quite late dragging my ass out of bed and joined my friends about an hour after I was supposed to at the market.

What should have been an amazing and awe-inspiring afternoon of any foodie's dream come true, it was deadened due to my lack of ability to smell and therefore taste anything properly... plus it was flipping cold out.

I ate a pain au chocolat first, firmly believing that a good pain au chocolat is the cure for any ill - except this pain au chocolat had been sitting out in the cold for a few hours

Then I sampled some cheese, some bread and olive oil... then I had a lemon, ginger and honey tea and tucked in an enormous seafood and chorizo paella... both of which got cold really fast, and quite frankly tasted pretty bland thanks to my stupid cold.

Never one to close a door after a crummy first time, I'm determined to give the market and me another go. Hopefully we'll enjoy a long and fulfilling relationship in the years to come...

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