Tuesday, 26 January 2010

blacking out the friction

sometimes there are just too many thoughts in my head.

I tend to ponder, stress, over analyze and all I want is an escape from the constant hum of thoughts that run through my mind.

I think everyone has their own coping mechanism for escaping themselves. Some turn to the bottle - a fun but slightly expensive and not-so-great-for-your-health option. Others turn towards watching mindless television like Big Brother and reruns of Friends until they pass out on the couch, remote in hand and the television screen casting an eery blue light on the room.

And what do I do?

I hit the treadmill armed with my ipod, turn up the music and just run while staring into space. It takes awhile to quiet everything that goes into my head, but once I get into that place where everything just fades away, nothing can touch me.

Here are my top picks for songs to drown out the noise in your head:

1. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Runaway
2. Metric - Blindness
3. Metric - Gold Gun Girls
4. The Plastiscines - BItch
5. Radiohead - Idioteque
6. Stellastar - Sweet Troubled Soul
7. Blonde Redhead - Dr. Strangluv
8. Collective Soul - Run
9. Mew - Comforting Sounds
10. Mother Mother - Wrecking Ball

PS. As I write this, I just remembered this girl I went to Guyana with, D. who, from what I recall, had a father who went deaf after running with his earphones on high - urban legend perhaps?

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  1. I have always thought you were a nutter Reney. x