Sunday, 10 January 2010

You know you're Asian when...

I'm sick - again.

I have quite possibly the worst immune system in the world. Since moving to London, I've had half a dozen colds, lost my voice twice and from Friday night to today I've been sick from what's either a stomach flu or Noro virus. (not pleasant)

Unable to keep anything in my system, I've been pretty well holed up in bed the entire weekend with my box set of Sex and the City dvds. Somehow I managed to make it to yoga class yesterday morning, but pretty well spent most of it in 'child's pose' while the rest of the class stood in warrior position and gazed at me in pity.

Fed up with a diet of dry toast and OJ, I made the quintessential Asian meal for those who are sick - jook or congee to those non-Asians out there.

I've never actually made congee before as my mother always made it for me. But it's not really that hard, just pour some rice in a pot, wash it, throw in some chopped up ginger and water and voila.

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