Thursday, 28 January 2010

top 10 reasons why i can't wait to move

As I procrastinate from packing up my room (I move on Monday), I've decided to write a blog post on why I cannot wait to move

In no particular order...

1. No more leaky shower tap that has to be fastened and held tight by a tea towel after every single flipping shower

2. The end of waking up and feeling the frosty draft come into your room because the windows don't close properly

3. Not having to factor in an extra hour of commute time every weekend because the tube line is closed

4. Saying sayonara to the vacuum that doesn't really suck up anything, and I shed a lot on my already dodgy carpet

5. Missing out on last minute get together's with friends and newly-made friends because I live so bloody far away, not to mention not having to pay 20 quid every time I head home after a late night and can't be arsed to wait for the night bus

6. No longer having to avoid the weird guy at the end of my street who panhandles and sometimes shouts obscenities to random strangers (although that can be amusing when not directed at me)

7. No longer having to pass by the door on my high street, where my flatmate informed me that if I ever wanted coke, it was the place to go

8. Bidding goodbye to my extremely cheap mattress, which after layering a mattress pad and an extra duvet, still leaves spring marks in my back after sleeping

9. No longer fiddling with the separate hot and cold shower taps to get the right temperature, even though after five minutes, all hell breaks lose and I end up scalding myself or freezing

10. Not being woken up by my upstairs neighbour who has a penchant for late night activities...and I'm a heavy sleeper

Ok. Now I really have to start packing....

Photos of the new digs to come soon!


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