Saturday, 23 January 2010

"please shit in the chair"

FINALLY got my hair cut today after 7 long months of trying to book an appointment, never getting around to it, sleeping in and missing appointments or going to the wrong salon..

I went to J.Moriyama - a japanese-owned chain of hair salons around London. It had been recommended to me by a few friends, and I went mainly because they know how to cut 'Asian' hair. (whatever that means...)

My stylist was a sweet Japanese guy named Masa...or something like that. He had just moved over from Japan and spoke very basic English, but he was polite and a gentleman enough not to cringe in horror at my split ends. When he asked me when was the last time I cut my hair, I got a polite but slightly horrified 'ohh...' when I told him it had been about 7 months.

He politely asked me to 'shit in the chair', which I quickly realised wasn't an invitation to partake in some weird Japanese hentai porn, and he got to work...

I've never had someone pay so much attention to detail when cutting my hair - it was fascinating to watch how meticulous Masa was with each snip.

In the end, my hair isn't really much shorter than it was before, but thanks to Masa it's finally out of its neglected sad state.

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