Monday, 11 January 2010

working from home

Called in sick today for work as my stomach is still misbehaving.

Unfortunately the outside world does not stop and wait for my health to get back to normal so I'm trying to get some research done for a work report at the moment.

Trying to work at home is never easy. In my flat we have a nice large dining room table in my living room that sits right by the twin French doors overlooking the street below. Aside from being a bit wobbly, it's a good surface area for my laptop, glass of gatorade, agenda, blackberry, plate of uneaten dried toast and an assortment of other necessities for those working from home...

However, my flat is freezing.

Despite having the heat cranked up, the insulation is so poor in this part of the flat that it remains permanently cold and drafty, which is why at the moment I'm wearing three layers, fleece sweatpants, snowboarding socks and slippers AND I'm still cold.

Thank god I'll be back in the office tomorrow, don't think my health can take this 'working from home' thing.

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