Wednesday, 20 January 2010

who needs to own a house anyway?

It's scary how fast I'm going through money here...

Firstly, my job pays me very little, I work in PR, so think of the lowest possible salary and then divide that in half

Secondly, I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and I refuse to live in a shit-hole (although my flat at the moment is just a slight cut above that)

Thirdly, I have an unhealthly obsession for the following:

i) Discount books from the Book Warehouse that I buy then get halfway through before I buy and start a new book

ii) Trying out chocolate bars that they don't have in Canada (Curly Wurly's, Chocolate Buttons, Flakes, just to name a few)

iii) The sale section at Anthropologie, which even when marked 50% off is still really expensive

iv) Regular priced items at Anthropologie

v) Various bath/beauty products from the massive Boots on Bond Street

vi) Really good black americanos

vii) Brunching with friends on a Sunday

viii) Mid-week drinks with friends

ix) Dinner any day of the week out with friends

x) Cupcakes

xi) Comfy black leggings

xii) leather riding boots (preferably in dark brown)

And fourthly, which is the worst obsession of all... is travel. I can't help but feel obliged to see as much of Europe as I can while I'm here. With so many bank holidays coming up in the next few months I've gone a little crazy in the last few days with booking flights

So that goal of seeing a new city every month? Check, check and check.

First up? Adventures in Chamonix with the wonderful J, who hails from the US of A (but I try not to hold that against her). Between tearing up the hills of the French Alps, we'll be staying at what's known as the budget party hotel of Chamonix.

Stay tuned :)

The "slopes" of Blue Mountain...

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