Sunday, 31 January 2010

lifetime of suitcases

As I packed the contents of my room tonight, I realised something... I have essentially been living out of a suitcase for almost a decade (or in my case, many suitcases...)

Let's take a look back...

High school - I shudder at the memory of my awkward and geeky high school years, but I started my living out of a suitcase there with boarding school

University - Two years in dorms, 2 years in two separate, equally horrible apartments shared with 5 amazing girls. That's four years of constantly packing and unpacking, not to mention very unfortunately choices in wall art and paint colour

Post-University - A short stint in Guyana, before sort of settling down in my parent's house for a year, still I never quite got around to unpacking all of my boxes because...

The first apartment came along with my first real job and I moved in there with the incredible K., but again was lazy and never quite got around to getting all of my stuff unpacked and settled

...and before I knew it, I left, quit my job, went back to school and moved back home to my parents all in one breath (or rather one carefully worded resignation letter)

then a hop, skip and jump later - here I am in London, 7 months in and already moving house.

oh, and all of my books are packed so it's a bit past midnight and i'm incredibly bored... hence the rambling blog post about nothing at all.

on a side note, I picked up another pair of brown leather boots on Saturday. Indulging in one of my unhealthy obsessions is always good fun.

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