Sunday, 24 January 2010

no bleeding nipples... 14 km and counting

Had another amazing run with T. this morning that took us past more sights of this incredible city

We started as usual by Baker St Station, ran down Edgeware Rd, to Hyde Park... from there we went straight down to through Green Park and arrived at Buckingham Palace, where the changing of the guards happened to be going on - something I've never actually seen before.

Arrived at Trafalgar Square, ran down The Strand and cut down Villiers to Embankment. That led us down to the Thames - ran along that until we got to Millennium Bridge, ran up towards St. Pauls and ran along Fleet all the way back to Trafalgar and then up Regents, dodging shoppers and baby strollers for the last 3-4 kilometres

Aside from stopping at some red lights (which felt like every single bloody one down Edgeware Rd) we ran at a good pace the entire time, I think we were out for about 1.5 hours, but to be honest, I don't think either one of us are too serious about timing - we're having too much fun gossiping and sharing our thoughts on life while running through a city that we both adore.

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